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3 Natural Tricks for Keeping Pests Out of Your Garden

Gardening is great for the body, mind and soul. In order to harvest the biggest crops, however, you must successfully grow them until they are ready to harvest. Unfortunately, pests will be fighting you for your fruits and vegetables. Here are three natural tricks for keeping pests away. Release the Ladybugs Ladybugs eat up to 60 aphids a day, so you want to encourage them to live in your garden. They also munch on scales, mealybugs, leafhoppers and mites. Ladybugs feed on a variety of plants including dill, fennel, caraway, wild carrots, yarrow and cilantro, so plant some in your garden to encourage ladybugs to come naturally. You can also buy ladybugs, but they still need these plants to thrive....

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