Core Pre-Rolled Steel Garden Tree Rings Black

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$ 53.99

A range of pre-rolled steel garden rings designed to create the perfect edge for plants, trees, shrubs and bushes.

  • Galvanized and powder coated to ensure longevity
  • Will not rust or flake
  • Will not shatter if caught in trimmer or mower
  • No sharp edges
  • 3 round head bolts to secure each section

The face and the ground spike are formed from a single piece of steel.  The spike has a unique fold along its center, providing maximum strength.  Reinforcing the spike makes it ideal for use in tougher ground conditions.

Metric System Info:

Core Edge Pre-Rolled Steel Garden Rings Sizes

Core Edge Pre-Rolled Steel Garden Rings Technical Info



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  • I have a small palm tree that is already mature/grown.......can the bolts be removed and screwed back ;so that the tree ring can be placed around tree?

    Yes. The tree ring arrives in curved section and then you bolt together around the tree.

  • Why are specs in metric? Are you hiding the fact that these tree rings are only 2.6 inches tall?

    The specs are in metric because the rings come from the UK and they use the metric system.  I do try to put the US system info on each product listing as well, but obviously, I did not on this one.  Regardless, no, I am not trying to hide the fact that they are 2.6 inches tall.  Most people can do a quick conversion as you have done.

    While 2.6 inches doesn't seem like a lot, most people don't realize that too much mulch can actally damage a tree rather than help as it is supposed to do.  A great article on this can be found at Why you shouldn't over mulch trees.

    Many people find that burying the 2.6" ring so that just the very top sticks above ground allows for easy mowing around the tree.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Good quality

The quality is great. But I haven’t installed it yet since I am missing one nut.

Jim C.
tree ring

Very well made and should last quite a long time. Worth the money spent.

Bradley Williams
Missing a nut

I just unpacked my 3 large tree ring products and it looks like they will work well once installed, but one section is missing one nut. Please send

Just what I needed

These were just what I needed to protect my bi color irises from the edging and moving. The create a nice focal point for the plants, while keeping them safe. It took longer to open the box the arrived in, than it took to assemble the circle with the screws provided. I'm a lady and I was able to pound these into the ground myself with little effort. I love them. Great product. A little pricey but there is nothing else in the market this nice or this easy to use and available to the public.

Jade Cohen
Tree Rings

These tree rings add elegance to your garden, are super easy to assemble and are durable! This purchase is a long-term investment to protect my trees from mowers and weed-wackers, AND THE AESTHETIC VALUE IS PRICELESS! LOVE, LOVE LOVE this product! Thank you Henderson Garden Supply!!!

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