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8 Additions That Can Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer

For some gardeners, their garden is a sanctuary. When you have the available space in your backyard, patio, or balcony, it can truly be turned into a relaxing environment. A few, simple additions are needed to take it up a level. There are several ideas to sift through and many have an idea of how you can enhance your garden this summer. Here are eight to consider: Walking Path A walking path is great for several reasons. When you add a path to your garden, it prevents people from walking on your grass. People are also less likely to step on the plants and flowers by accident because they are being guided. Once you have set the path down, if...

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Why an Organized Tool Shed is a Gardener's Best Friend

Spending time in your garden is a fulfilling and relaxing outdoor activity. However, this hobby starts to lose its luster every time you have to head to a cluttered shed to retrieve a gardening tool. Here are three reasons why you should be committed to keeping an organized tool shed. It Saves You Money If you need the motivation to keep an organized tool shed, just keep in mind that it will save you loads of money in the long run. While there might be an initial investment to purchase organizational materials, you will soon be enjoying the benefits that come with every item having a designated place. A messy tool shed leads to broken tools and missing gear. Also,...

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Which Bugs Are Beneficial for Your Garden?

One of the common misconceptions about bugs is that they are all pests in your garden. Fortunately, research has shown that some insects are beneficial and can help you grow lush flowers and produce without resorting to poisons. To effectively cut down on the pesticides that you use, you must identify the harmful bugs and differentiate them from those that are beneficial.

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Tips for Keeping Your Yard Looking Nice

Even if your home's exterior has been beautifully kept up, few people will be able to appreciate that if your lawn is messy or neglected. Luckily, it doesn't take much to keep your lawn looking nice. Here's what to do in order to have an enviable lawn.

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Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives for Homeowners

The well-manicured lawn has been a longtime symbol of the American dream. Therefore, even the most eco-friendly of families may not be willing to neglect or remove it from their home. Keep reading for some ways that you can start being more eco-friendly when it comes to your home's lawn.

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