8 Additions That Can Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer

For some gardeners, their garden is a sanctuary. When you have the available space in your backyard, patio, or balcony, it can truly be turned into a relaxing environment. A few, simple additions are needed to take it up a level. There are several ideas to sift through and many have an idea of how you can enhance your garden this summer. Here are eight to consider:

Walking Path

A walking path is great for several reasons. When you add a path to your garden, it prevents people from walking on your grass. People are also less likely to step on the plants and flowers by accident because they are being guided. Once you have set the path down, if it’s looking thin or runny, you might need to make the concrete stronger. Adding a layer of sand underneath the stones and concrete makes it even. One-inch thick is recommended. If space permits, the path should be 48 inches wide. This gives people enough room for walking.

Potted Plants and Hanging Baskets

Potted plants and hanging baskets are great additions to a garden. The first step is to pick them out. The type you pick matters because it determines how the plants will grow. Baskets made from fiber liner are wonderful for flower globes. Next, pick the soil. Then, remember to feed the plant. Potted plants that are going to live on the ground also require good soil and enough food. Everyone designs their garden a little different from the next person. A plant that is potted lives in its own ecosystem, but it is still a part of your garden. Same with a hanging plant. Both are great accents.

Lawn Decorations and Statues

Lawn decorations and statues are worthwhile additions to your garden that spruces it up. When you shop your options online or in-person, if you have any doubt, you are encouraged to keep it simple. You also have to determine how much attention it should grab. If it is going to be a focal point, then it is OK to pick out something with a presence. A statue that is a complement to your garden should blend into the area without being overwhelming. Same for lawn decorations. There are several options in this category. One thing you can do is to ask for some advice from a professional.

Bird Bath and Feeders

Those who want to enjoy nature in their garden might consider adding a birdbath, bird feeder, or both. Once they are installed in your garden, birds will find it, especially when the weather is favorable. Birds like to explore areas where they can eat, hydrate, and find material for their nests. They are quite active when it is time for laying eggs, so this is a good time to ensure the bath and feeders are full as well as clean. The bath's water should be shallow because birds need to be able to keep their footing. If you are hoping a specific bird breed will find your garden, supply the feeder with the tasty treat they enjoy the most.

Repeat Your Home’s Exterior

One way to spruce up your garden this summer is by using your home's exterior. Whatever theme is used architecture or paint palette-wise, extend it to your garden. So, if your home's exterior has Spanish architecture, you can use it to design your garden. Then, you narrow down the options. Decorative ceramic or terracotta pots are two options. Water features are also common.

Garden Entrance

To highlight your garden this summer, you need to decide how much time you are willing to spend before you get started. Having a budget in mind is also recommended. For those who are willing to spend several hours and some money, building a garden entrance is worthwhile. An entrance turns your garden into an experience. It makes it feel exclusive, too. If your garden is your sanctuary, an entrance separates the area from the rest of the property. By adding a wrought-iron gate, you have added something guests will admire and explore. There is no need to overdo-it. Pick out the gate. Then, install it.


Homeowners are encouraged to ensure the exterior of their property is well lit. For safety reasons, a property that has enough lighting is less likely to be a target of those with nefarious intentions. You can also add lighting to your garden, especially for the summer season. The days are long in the summer. It is very easy to enjoy the natural light. Before you know it, the sun has set, and you are nudged to go indoors. With lighting, you can enjoy the garden area a little longer. This is truer when your home is very hot indoors and the outdoors are cool.

Gardens can be romantic after dark. With friends, it is a relaxing environment where everyone can enjoy each other's company. You can place spotlights on the trees, lights on the sides of the walk path and streetlight-style lamps on the edges of the garden.

A Fountain

Your garden may be in an area that is away from street traffic and neighbors. The quiet is wonderful. There is also a serenity from sounds in a garden that nature provides. Those who enjoy the water and the sounds it makes might consider adding a fountain. Experts recommend a fountain with an octagonal basin. The way the water is going to flow will create what some deem a liquid soundtrack. So if you want to make your backyard into an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, adding a fountain just might be the right touch.

There are several decorative additions you can make to your garden that spruces it up for the summer season. To narrow down your options, take into consideration space, what you already have and how much you are willing to spend. Adding any of the above options can make your garden the envy of the neighborhood and provide you with a peaceful place to relax this summer.

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