Which Bugs Are Beneficial for Your Garden?

One of the common misconceptions about bugs is that they are all pests in your garden. Fortunately, research has shown that some insects are beneficial and can help you grow lush flowers and produce without resorting to poisons. To effectively cut down on the pesticides that you use, you must identify the harmful bugs and differentiate them from those that are beneficial. Here are some insects you want to have around.

Lady Bug

Ladybugs are wonderful insects to have around and can be very beneficial for your garden. They are so beneficial that many people purchase them rather than waiting for them to come on their own. Keep a dish of water nearby if you wish to attract them. Not only are they beautiful to see crawling about in your foliage, but they will devour any aphids, mites and scale that comes within their proximity. They can be lifesavers for gardens that are suffering from any of these bug problems.

Skimmer Dragonfly

Dragonflies are also predatory insects; however, the skimmer is the one that seems to be the most beneficial in destroying pests, according to the University of Florida. Like the ladybug, it loves to be around water. If you have a water element in your garden, it will help to attract them. Some of the worst pests to have in your garden are mosquitoes, midges, flies and winged ants, but the skimmer will eat all of them. Additionally, it is another beautiful insect to see flying around. Its reddish hue distinguishes it from traditional dragonflies.

Some Spiders Are Okay

The traditional garden spider is beautiful with all its robust colors, and it spins webs that are as spectacular as artwork. Unfortunately, many people have arachnophobia even though spiders are actually quite useful. They eat pest insects that you really want to eliminate. Their webs help to attract many of the bugs that can cause harm to your plants. You do need to learn to distinguish the dangerous spiders from the innocuous ones because some of them can be deadly. According to Insight Pest, Black Widows or their cousins, Brown Widows, can be identified by a red hourglass, dots, or a line on their abdomen.

So, if you see a black or brown spider with red markings, stay away. Most spiders, however, fall into the category of useful garden helpers that should be left unmolested. If you are unsure of a classification, you might want to consult a professional.

By using integrated pest management techniques, you can eliminate things that slither, crawl and fly around destroying your garden. Plus, most of the beneficial bugs are things you like to see meandering around your lawn. Who doesn't love a glimpse of a majestic dragon fly or a shiny, red ladybug?

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