9.5" Height Flexible Steel Edging - Weathering

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Straightcurve’s 9.5" Weathering Steel Edging has so many uses.  Great for flowing lines, raised curved feature gardens, terracing a gentle slope and created curved step faces.

  • Folded lip, no sharp edges.
  • Notched lip system for increased flexibility and consistent flexible behavior.
  • Weathering Steel Edging in the style of CorTen arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first.  Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area.


  • 9.5 inch high, 85.04 inch long sections (7 feet).
  • 2 mm thick, 8mm top edge.
  • Preformed corners are 10 inches each side of the 90 degree bend

What's Included

  • 5 long twisted nails that go in the bottom flange
  • Connectors to join one section to the next

What's Not included

  • Bracing, anchor posts, preformed corners and joining sleeves are all sold separately

-Choose between the universal bracing system (a tie back system) or the anchor posts system (verical post attached to the back of the edging).  2 per section of whichever style you choose is recommended.

-Typically for the 9.5" edging, the anchor posts are sufficient.

-Joining sleeves are ONLY needed if you are cutting the sections and then need to rejoin them as you have cut off the built in connectors.

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  • Can I connect the flex line 22", 15.75", and 9.5" together using the included joining brackets?

    Yes, the 9.5", 15.75" and 22" all connect together at the top which helps considerable when dealing with slope and not having to bury as much edging.  In addition, the Flexline and Rigidline all connect together.
    All of the edging comes with the connectors to join them together.  You would only need to use a joining sleeve if you intend to cut the eding and then need to reconnect it (as you have cut off the built in connectors).

  • Hi, is it possible or easy to make a ring out of 7’ section? The diameter will be 26.75”.

    Hi, the smallest diameter you would be able to create with the 7' sections is 53.94" by connecting two sections together.  Anything smaller does not allow enough flexibility in the edging.  When connecting two lengths together you would use a ratchet sytem to slowly form the cirlce.  Please see the below video link that shows the detail of how this is done.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  • Hi: just want to be sure: the 'rigid' is 11 gauge and the 'flexible' is 14 gauge, correct? Is it possible to cut the 14 gauge with a hacksaw, or a jigsaw using a metal-purpose blade? Can I order a 7' length piece cut into 2 pieces? Thanks. I have your 6.5" edging and it worked out beautifully, btw. I get compliments on my front yard all the time.

    So glad you like the 6" edging!  Great to hear.

    The 9.5" flexible edging and rigid edging are both 2mm in thickness.  (About 12 gauge).  The top lip on both are 8mm in thickness.  The difference between the 2 is that the Rigid edging top lip is a solid lip all the way across.  The flexible edging lip has small slits in it to make it easily able to flex.

    The manufacturers recomend and angle grinder to cut the edging.  Its really what you feel most comfortable using and your experience with cutting.  We always recomend seeking out a tradesman or contractor if you are hesitiant to cut it yourself.

    The sections can only be ordered in 7' increments.  We do not offer a cutting service currently.

    Please let us know if you have any additonal questions!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Szabunka
Great product.

We've been using Straightcurve for a lot of our backyard projects. Straightcurve is a sturdy, fairly easy to work with material. Erin has been very pleasant and super helpful to work with. We'll be ordering more in the future. Thanks. Have a great day.

Christine Jenkins
So Beautiful and Easy to Install

Purchased the 9.5" flexible weathering steel edging to work with the slope in our back garden allowing us a level area to lay flagstone for a dining area within our sloping rock garden. The results are stunning. We installed with the help of our contractor, but it was very straight forward and went together quickly. Absolutely love it!

John Burdge

Wonderful product!

Celine Thibault
Pro Materials with DIY Ease

We purchased 4 sections to make a garden bed with curved ends. My husband is good with math and materials but I still expected it to take a few days to sort out how to put a bed together. It only took one day and the bed is beautiful. Looks like someone welded it on the spot. Process shot in pic.

Claudia B
Great quality

I created several raised beds for perennials with these in my yard. Looks great! Love how the material weathers. Easy to put together!

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