Designing Your Garden? Try These 3 Sources for Inspiration

Gardening is a favorite hobby for many people, and it can be an ideal way to relax. From raised vegetable gardens to sprawling flower beds and delicate herb gardens, you can have complete flexibility over the design and let your creativity flow. Whether you're designing your very first garden or your 100th one, you can take inspiration from all around you. Try checking out the sources below to spark your imagination.

Manor Homes

Manor homes offer an up-close view of the layout of both historic and large gardens, and many of these homes have several different types of gardens. For example, you might find a kitchen garden full of herbs to use in cooking, a flower garden, and several formal gardens. To get garden inspiration, Budget Travel recommends visiting manors or other historic sites in your area and taking reference photographs; most will allow you to take unlimited photos without a permit. If you can't visit a manor in person, check online to see if your favorite manor has a photo gallery of the gardens.

Visit Gardening Festivals

Attending a gardening festival can be an ideal way to gain inspiration for your latest gardening project. You'll be able to meet with other local gardeners and get tips on the flowers and vegetables that are ideal for your area's growing zone. Many gardening festivals have sales where you can purchase rare flowers and other plants that may not be available in your local nursery. If you're in Florida, the EPCOT Center is a splendid venue for gardening inspiration. According to Park Savers, EPCOT is known for hosting some of the best festivals in the world each year including the International Flower and Garden Festival. To find gardening festivals near you, check your local newspaper listings; you may also wish to join a gardening group on Facebook.

Watch Gardening Shows

Ranker has a list of some of the best gardening TV shows available online and on television. These shows can be very stimulating for both novice and avid gardeners. Some shows are hosted on major networks by master gardeners, and you can also find YouTube clips full of gardening secrets from ordinary backyard gardeners. If you choose, you can watch shows tailored to your local area, and you can even watch shows about historic European gardens.

Wherever you choose to turn for inspiration, remember to be open-minded and stay true to yourself. Don't feel like you have to copy anyone in your gardening design; just keep experimenting and trying new things. Check out some of our garden arches and garden decor to get started!

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