4 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Pests

If you have a green thumb and enjoy spending time outside, then you likely take pride in the quality of your garden. Although you may spend a significant amount of time and energy tending to the garden, invaders can wreak havoc on your hard work in a short amount of time if the space is left unattended. If you want to protect your garden from wild animals and critters, there are a few steps to take for added peace of mind.

Choose Less-Appetizing Plants to Grow

Many pests and animals are attracted to gardens due to the types of plants that are available, which can be a food source for these pesky invaders. Opt for adding marigolds, which have a distinct smell that repels garden pests and mosquitoes. Garlic, lavender, basil and lemongrass are all ideal options that will protect your yard from unwanted wild animals.

Install a Fence

You can put in a fence to keep your invaders out without spending a lot of money to resolve the issue. Fences are the most common and effective solution for protecting your garden by creating a barrier in the yard. It can be a seasonal solution that can be taken down when necessary. Electric fences are considered to be the most useful and are known to ward off deer, rabbits, and woodchucks, which are known to be incredibly destructive in gardens.

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Use Gardening Pots

It can be more difficult for invaders to destroy your garden if additional barriers or containers are used. From terracotta to metal, gardening pots help to protect your plants from invaders, while providing a stylish charm to your yard. Use gardening pots for your plants and add a raised garden bed to protect the space and keep it secure in each season.

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Use Deterrents

There are many deterrents that are available to keep animals away. Vinegar, coyote urine and soapy water are known to prevent rabbits from being attracted to gardens. These deterrents are easy to spray on the perimeters of the area that you want to protect. The potent smell of each product discourages pests from coming near them. You can also add a few fake snakes to the yard to threaten wild critters that find their way onto the property.

Reference: Treehugger

Knowing the right steps to take to protect your garden from unwelcome guests can allow you to rest assured that your plants and crops are protected. You can continue gardening and enjoying the fruits of your labor when the right products and techniques are used to keep pests away.

Some of the best ways to keep pests away is by attracting their predators. Installing mason bee houses, toad houses, bird homes, and more can keep your pest population at a minimum.

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