Mystic Circles- Adding charm with a Moon Gate

Moon gates are a traditional element in Chinese gardens.  Originally only found in the wealthy upper class noble in China, moon gates have now peaked the interest of people across the globe.  They have become a statement piece everywhere from elite resorts, majestic public gardens, to the average house hold wanting to create an interesting architectural piece in their home garden.  Moon gates have also become a popular center piece for weddings and floral shows alike.  They can make a statement on their on, an inviting circle, welcoming you to a space.  Beautifully decorated with flowers or trailing vines, they can add depth to any space creating an undeniable elegance.

Janet Dunn described the Moon Gate beautiful in an article she wrote for Houzz "Charmed Circles: Bring Serenity to Your Garden With a Moon Gate"

The circle is one of the most eloquent shapes in our universe. It expresses completeness, continuity and protection — a beginning and an end in one flawless arc. In Western culture, the circle’s magnetic power is explained as a function of the human eye and brain, and the subconscious pleasure that comes from viewing its harmonious symmetry. In many other cultures, it is richly charged with meaning, depicting profound links between humans and nature. A graceful moon gate can express all this in the modern garden. Do you have room for one in yours?

Solid Steel Moon Gate Surrounded by pink blooming flowers - Henderson Garden Supply

Take a moment to plan for exactly the right spot for your Moon Gate.  Moon Gates are meant to invite, even lure a person into a space.  From what direction will you and your guests be arriving?  What will the focal point be as one gazes into the Moon Gate portal?  Will you be greeted with a beautiful rose garden, a favorite tree, a special sitting area where you can relax and breathe in the wonderful aroma that only Mother Nature can offer?

Will you be using your Moon Gate for a special even or show?  Ensure that the gate you choose, is one that best fits your needs.  If its for an indoor space, make sure its like the one pictured above and has the ability to stand directly on the ground, not anchored.

How do you plan to decorate your Moon Gate?  You can choose to let it speak for itself, a statement piece all on its own.  Or, you can adorn it with flowers, vines, or even sparkling Christmas lights.  However you choose to use your Moon Gate, its sure to bring an enchanting aspect to any arena.

Moon Gate Arch decorated with vines, surrounded by flowering potted plants - Henderson Garden Supply

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