9.5" Height Modular Planter - Weathering

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Modular Planter Boxes Are Ideal For

  • Raised garden beds and planters
  • Retainers (One wall or Closed Shape)
  • Outdoor furniture bases
  • Storage boxes
  • Square/Rectangular free standing beds
  • Retaining walls
  • Long ‘garden barrier’ beds
  • Hard surface areas, ie patios & rooftops
  • Tables & bench seats (create own top)


    • 6 Different panel length to choose from
    • Folded lip, no sharp edges
    • Weathering Steel Edging arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first. 
    • Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area
    • 2 mm thick
    • Top lip thickness 1.8"


    Download PDF instructions

      Straight Joiner

      Straight joiners are used when connecting two panels horizontally to extend either the width or height of the box

      Closed Corner

      Closed corners are used when creating a traditional rectangular or square planter.

      Open Corner

      Open corners are used when creating an "L" shaped planter


      The universal bracing strap is used between any 2 parallel straight joiners.  It is not necessary to brace planters that are only 4 panels (square or rectangular) smaller than 47.25" on any side as long as there are no straight joiners used.

      The 78.75" panel does require bracing.  There are a few different options for bracing.

      Option 1.  You will need 1 rib (bracket) per 78.75" panel.  This will be installed in the middle of the panel.  It fits under the lip and is turned perpendicular to the panel.  The rib drops into the hole on the bottom flange of the panel.  

      You can then use the Universal Bracing Strap to connect the 2 ribs in an X fashion

      Option 2.  You can use the large anchor post in conjunction with the pair of anchor set parts.  You will not need ribs for this option.  This option can also be use to brace any panel you feel like you would like extra support.

      Note  If the width of your panel exceeds 47.25 inches, then the universal bracing strap will not work as it will not be long enough.  You can then either use the universal brace (turnbuckle style) and hook it to the straight joiners.  Or, you can use the large anchor post in conjunction with the anchor set parts.


        Additional Information

        We know all these choices while amazing can be a bit overwhelming.  Please feel free to reach out to us at info@straightcurve.com and we will be happy to work with you and ensure that you have all the parts and pieces you need for your design!


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