Westminster Lamppost Bracket

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$ 133.50
Brackets are heavy, hand-welded steel, painted black. Brackets clamp tightly with nuts and bolts, onto lampposts from 5" - 7" in diameter.

27-1/2" high overall x 43" across overall.


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  • I'm worried that your Westminster Brackets will bend down once the plants are hung on the brackets. I see there is no support from the bracket down to the post so what's to keep the bracket from bending down once the plants are hung???? Remember once the plants are hung and water added the baskets become very heavy and that's my worry that they will bend downward.

    Hi, the brackets are made of heavy steel and should hold up to 70 lbs.  You may want to take a look at the heavy duty lamp post bracket (depending on your diameter size neede) if you anticipate  a larger sized basket or are concerned about weight. https://www.hendersongardensupply.com/products/heavy-duty-lamppost-bracket-euro-classic-for-5-7d-lampposts .

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