Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in brown -Henderson Garden Supply
Core Steel flexible edging used to make steps - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in Brown edging dividing grass from gravel path - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in Brown edging dividing grass from gravel path - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Flexible Steel Lawn and Garden Edging Brown shown in box as packaged - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible steel Edging in Brown - Henderson Garden Supply

Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging Brown

Regular price $ 74.99

The Core Edge domestic range flexible steel is manufactured from 1.6mm mild steel.  Its is hardy enough to handle ride on mowers and light vehicles.

  • Flexible Steel
  • Quick Installation, no special tools required
  • Form straight lines, curved radius, or bend for precise angles
  • 6% more per pack than closest competitor
  • The connecting overlap is 2.95 inches per edge which means when a pack of 5 is connected together you lose 14.76 inches of length. When a pack of CORE EDGE is connected  you will have 16.25 feet on the ground. 
  • Each pack contains Five 42.32" sections.

MEASURING | Core Edge makes measuring easy by adding in the allowance for the overlap.  Simply measure how many feet you need.  Each pack contains 16.25 feet once installed so simply divide the number of feet you need by 16.25 to find out how many packs of 5 you need to order.

Example:  A landscape area of 75 feet would be 75 divided by 16.25 equals 4.615.  So, you would need to order 5 packs.

Available in 2.5", 4" and 6" Height| Powder Coated

POWDER COATED | Our galvanized steel edgings are finished with a 110 micron polyester powder coating that is designed for external use.

The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under extreme heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. This skin creates a hard wearing flexible finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

UV resistant polyester powder coating prevents color fading and forms a durable scratch resistant barrier

View the entire Core Edge Flexible Steel Edging Line and an instructional video.

Metric System Info:

Core Edge Flexible Steel Lwn Eging Sizes

Core Edge Flexible Steel Lwn Eging Technical Info


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not as easy as it looks.

Seems like good construction. Difficult to keep pieces together.

Linda Kennard
Quality Product

It's usually true that you get what you pay for, and it certainly applies in this instance. Although not inexpensive, the Core Edge steel landscape edging is an excellent quality product that installs easily and results in a great look for my flower beds. Since I hired a novice to do the work, I found that the corners did not look as sharp as I had hoped. Next time I would make sure that the installer had done this type of job before.

Troy Niguidula
We love the look

It gives our house a modern sleek clean look.

Lots of compliments from passer-bus and neighbors.

Usually a day or Half day project (Depending on how much you order) but still easy to install if you plan ahead.

I will experiment with different heights as I cont to add to this front yard project.
So will order more in future from Henderson’s after we cont to evolve and plan as we update our front yard look.

Kaye Lamb
Amazing product

I researched edging options for quite some time before deciding to order the Core Steel Flexible Edging. I am so pleased! The edging looks great, is of great quality and I found it easy to install. I plan to order more soon for the planting bed in our backyard.

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Ask a Question
  • Is the edge a total of 6" (stake and border) or is the 6" without the stake?

    The face of the edging is 6 inches (not including the stakes).