EverEdge Classic Flexible Steel Lawn Edging in Black - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Classic Flexible Steel Lawn Edging in Slate, Black, Cor-Ten and Brown - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Classic Flexible Steel Lawn Edging in Brown - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Classic Steel Flexible Lawn Edging in Slate - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Classic Steel Flexible Lawn Edging in Cor-Ten - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Classic Lawn Edging - Henderson Supply
EverEdge Classic Steel Flexible Lawn Edging Garden Border in Brown - Henderson Garden Supply
EverEdge Steel Felxible Lawn and Garden Edging - Henderson Garden Supply

EverEdge Classic Lawn Edging

Regular price $ 114.90

Add EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging to any lawn, garden, driveway, or landscape to add a border wherever needed. The clean lines of everedge help define areas of your yard adding the perfect finishing touch.

  • Each pack contains 5 x 39" sections for a total of 16.25 feet.
  • One pice construction, with six 3.7" ground spikes in each section for stability.
  • Edging is approximately 1.6 mm thick of galvanized mild steel.
  • Each section locks permanently into the next.
  • Bends easily to form corners, circles and curves where needed.
  • Maintainence free.
  • Will not deteriorate or rust for at least 15 years.
  • Available power coated or in Cor-Ten

Before ordering, please measure your total requirement and add 6% to allow for the overlap required when joining the sections together. To determine how many packages of EverEdge are need for your project, divide the number of feet needed by 15.42 and round up if necessary. Using 450 feet as an example, 450 divided by 15.42 equals 29.18 so 30 packages would be needed to complete the project.

3" Available in Black, Brown, and Slate

4" and 5" Available in Black, Brown, Slate, and Cor-Ten



Customer Reviews

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Not your neighbor's edge

Wanted something durable, stylish and not what everyone else has. Wow, what a find! This edging is now the envy of the neighborhood. Definitely NOT the cheesy plastic stuff that can mar a beautifully manicured lawn and garden bed.

Fantastic product

The finished appearance of our two garden beds after using this edging is very professional. Some of the areas were on an incline and you hardly notice where more of the edging is visible. It is a more expensive product than some other options but it is worth it for the results my husband and I achieved. The trick we used for this incline was to permanently connect a few sections to a point where we could see the slope changed again. At that connection we did not push the tab through so we could pivot it to accommodate the slope and then added another few sections where each is also permanently attached. We selected the black edging which appears to have a flat matte powder coat finish (not high gloss dark black) and were very happy with the appearance next to our black mulch. We will definitely order more of this product in the future.

So glad the black EverEdge worked out for you. I bet it looks great! Thanks Erin
Great for curved lawn edges

I’m working towards lower lawn maintenance and this matches the brown 3” edging I bought from a different seller in the past. I mow right up to the edge and it’s a neat cut. I still have to weed but don’t have to edge where I’ve used everedge. It’s expensive so I do a section each year.

Great Product

Shipping was excellent and product was exactly as described. Although it was a little pricey, well worth the cost.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between everedge and proedge? Do they look the same if I put proedge along a section above a slope for stronger support, and the rest along the border between grass and bark areas? Is proedge thicker, do it would appear different? Also, do you know when you will get more evereche in brown in stock?

    Proedge comes in 8 foot sections and is 2.5mm thick. Usually, proedge is used for more commercial type applications. The classic everedge comes in 39" sections that lock together and is 1.6mm thick. Though the classic fits most needs, if you are looking for something a little heavier, you could consider the everedge heavy duty which is still the smaller sections, but 2.5mm thick like the proedge. 
    The brown classic everedge is expected back in stock mid to late July 2018.