EverEdge Heavy Duty Lawn Edging - Henderson Supply
EverEdge Heavy Duty Lawn Edging - Henderson Supply

EverEdge Heavy Duty Lawn Edging

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Here are some applications where 4" or 5:"Ever Edge may suit your needs:

    • Where there is a steeper drop from your lawn to a path
    • Around flower beds where there is greater drop than usual from the level of the lawn.
    • To hold in mulch above the level of the lawn – around ornamental trees and shrubs, for example.

EverEdge is the essential ingredient to a fine landscaping project! It is all-in-one--there are no separate stakes or parts to come loose. Each 39" section locks permanently into the next. Sharp angles, tight curves or circles can be pre-formed by bending over a wooden edge. Once you've made a neat edge (for the last time), place a block of wood on top of EverEdge and hammer into the ground to 1/2" below your cut grass level. Link EverEdge by locking onto the previous piece.

Each pack contains 5 x 39" lengths for a total of 16.25 feet and each 39" piece of the heavy duty edging is approximately 2.5 mm thick.

Before ordering, please measure your total requirement and add 6% to allow for the overlap required when joining the sections together. To determine how many packages of EverEdge are need for your project, divide the number of feet needed by 15.42 and round up if necessary. Using 450 feet as an example, 450 divided by 15.42 equals 29.18 so 30 packages would be needed to complete the project.

**Heavy Duty Edging Available in Brown Only**

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