Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in CorTen - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging CorTen
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in CorTen edging dividing grass from gravel path - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge CorTen Steel Flexible Edging shown as tree edging - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in CorTen edging as flower bed border - Henderson Garden Supply
Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging show in CorTen edging shown bordering yard - Henderson Garden Supply

Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging CorTen

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The Core Edge domestic range flexible steel is manufactured from 1.6mm mild steel.  Its is hardy enough to handle ride on mowers and light vehicles.

  • Flexible Steel
  • Quick Installation, no special tools required
  • Form straight lines, curved radius, or bend for precise angles
  • 6% more per pack than closest competitor
  • The connecting overlap is 2.95 inches per edge which means when a pack of 5 is connected together you lose 14.76 inches of length. When a pack of CORE EDGE is connected  you will have 16.25 feet on the ground. 
  • Each pack contains Five 42.32" sections.

Core Edge Heavy Duty Range now available in the 6"

  • Exactly the same as the Domestic Range but thickness is 2.5mm as opposed to the 1.6mm Domestic Range. 
  • Still fairly flexible, but not quite as much as the domestic.
  • Great for creating raised garden beds, or dividing heaver gravel areas.

    MEASURING | Core Edge makes measuring easy by adding in the allowance for the overlap.  Simply measure how many feet you need.  Each pack contains 16.25 feet once installed so simply divide the number of feet you need by 16.25 to find out how many packs of 5 you need to order.

    Example:  A landscape area of 75 feet would be 75 divided by 16.25 equals 4.615.  So, you would need to order 5 packs.

    COR-TEN | Our high grade weathering steel has a unique look and naturally oxidizing finish. Weathering steels are a group of steel alloys which were developed to remove the need for painting which form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements.


     Metric System Info:

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    Core Edge Flexible Steel Lwn Eging Technical Info

    Customer Reviews

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    Jonathan Sturtz
    Nice, as expected

    Easy to install. Great looking. Strong. Worth the extra$

    Zoe Boniface
    good product

    Easy to install, attractive, sturdy.

    David Macdonald
    Still Waiting

    My order hasn't come yet. Maybe wait til then or something.

    Brian Bellert
    Requested order review….

    Received a review 5 days after order processed and have not received my order. Not only that but I am no longer able to track my order through UPS. $400 down the shitter by the looks of it.

    Danna Brown
    Second time purchased

    The title says it all. We liked the first edging we installed so much we bought more. It looks great with our modern home

    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • Can someone address how this actually installs? Do you just push the spikes into the ground or do you have to use spikes?

      The spikes are built into the edging, so it's a matter of connnecting the sections together and using a mallet to hammer down. Digging a small trench line makes installation easier. Video below:

      Install Video

    • Does 6” width include the support teeth ?

      The 6" is what is above ground. The spikes are a little over 4".

    • Is it possible to put a 90* bend in one of the pieces?

      Yes, you can make a 90 degree bend.  You would need to secure the piece of edging (with a vice or some other means--I've just stood on the end of the piece and it worked fine) and bend the edging using a mallet against a blunt edged object such as a block of wood.

    • what gauge is the steel?

      It is 14 gauge steel.  1/16" of an inch in thichness.

    • Can I create a 10ft radius with the 150mm product?

      Yes, you can make a 10ft radius with the 150mm core edge.  I even found the equation that we spoke on the phone about.

      If you know the circle's diameter, multiply that number by π (pi) 3.14 to get the circle's circumference.   So if the diameter of your circle is 10 feet, you'd calculate 10 × 3.14 = 31.4 feet as the circumference.