Vegetable Gardens For Kids

Planning ahead for spring gardens are a great way to not only teach your children about gardening and nurturing plants, but it also gets the kids out from in front of the TV or computer. Making a children’s vegetable garden means choosing best plants for your region. Vegetables that are good choices and easy to grow include: Beets, Carrots, Radishes, Tomatoes You know as well as I do children love to snack, so include favorites like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, or peas as well.

You might consider a fence or trellis for vine-growing vegetables. When I work in the garden with my kids I like to have a small sitting area where the kids can snack on these healthy treats.

Maybe you don't have alot of room for an outdoor garden for the kids. There is always solutions! Maybe try the VegTrug Kids Mini Wallhugger! This is great and I have one in the house my kids use as an herb garden. We have it near our sliding doors in the kitchen so they get plenty of light. There is basil, thyme, mint (which the kids love they pull a leaf off and eat it straight away) and during our winter months the kids still tend the indoor garden each day. When we are cooking together the kids will grab some fresh herbs. Its a great way to teach the kids and have fun doing it.

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